Summit Educational Foundation Issues Grants to Summit Public Schools

SEF Issues Grants to Summit Public Schools

Submitted by Amy Wise

The Summit Educational Foundation (SEF) is here to help Summit Public Schools by providing educational grants to teachers and faculty who submit applications. SEF has two grant cycles, one in spring and one in fall. During these unprecedented times, SEF sprang into action and accepted grant applications at any time on an emergency basis. This change has allowed SEF to continuously help tailor how students are educated with the blended in school and remote programs. SEF has already supported several grants with online tools and summer programs to help our students.

Grants specifically funded to help with on-line learning during the Covid-19 pandemic include:

Membean Subscription

An online vocabulary site license for one year subscription was granted to LCJSMS by SEF. This allows students to obtain individualized vocabulary practice. It had been used by some teachers at the middle school previously but is in high demand for this school year.

Zoweetek Voice Amplifiers

SEF granted the Districts request for 249 wireless microphones for all classrooms across the district that did not already have a sound system in order to enhance remote learning for all students.

Formative Subscription

SEF approved a grant for SHS teachers in the math department that is an online assessment that brings virtual assignments to life by providing a variety of unique question and answer tools that include feedback, support and data analysis. This one year site license can also cross over to all subjects at SHS.

iPevo Document Cameras

This grant approved new document cameras for all Summit classrooms that previously had not been updated. These new cameras will work with the updated technology installed by the district over the summer and allow remote students to see what is being shared. They are also portable in case the district needs to go fully remote again.

Parlay Subscription

SEF provided funding for a one year site license for Parlay, which supports rich and meaningful discussions for both SHS and LCJSMS. This tool helps students have inclusive discussions that develop critical thinking and written communication skills in students and will be used in all subject areas.

Learning Ally 

SEF provided funding for a districtwide subscription to this on-line tool that gives teachers access to a variety of reading materials, including audio books, specifically designed to bridge the reading gap for struggling readers with learning differences, including dyslexia.

Gizmo subscription to support on-line Math and Science classes at SHS

This grant provided access to all math and science teachers at the High School to an on-line program that allows for simulations for different curricular topics in math and science.

Summer SNAP

This grant was approved to run the summer program for ESL and Basic Skills first and second grader students from Washington, Franklin and Lincoln-Hubbard Elementary Schools.

Flash At-Home Summer Program

SEF provided funds to run 2 STEAM classes as well as funding teacher supplies for all the classes for Flash as it moved its programming on-line due to Covid-19.

We can only continue to support Summit Public Schools through your donations. Visit to donate or obtain more information.

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