One Millburn Day at Millburn High School

(above) Presentation
Photo by Milburn Township Public Schools

One Millburn Day

Christine Burton, Superintendent of Schools

Friday, April 20th was ‘One Millburn Day’ at Millburn High School. The Social Studies Department (spearheaded by teacher, Sharon van Blijdesteijn and Department Chair, Gina Watts) and other staff coordinated a day of guest speakers on topics such as the holocaust and genocide as part of the One Millburn initiative in our district.  

All students attended two assemblies. The keynote speaker was Eugenie Mukeshimana, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide, in commemoration of the 30-year anniversary of that horrific event. There was also an academic panel titled, “Schools are No Place for Hate,” with experts from local universities who discussed the impacts of racism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia and on students in schools.  Some activities provided opportunities for students to share topics of discussion around diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging workshops on social justice, and community service. There were also activities that provided students with mental health breaks to decompress and engage with their peers. Students played board games, learned to knit, and crochet, or got their hands dirty in the greenhouse.  There was karaoke, yoga, pickleball and much more!  The day wrapped up with the spring sports pep rally coordinated by Athletic Director, Chris Drechsel. Go Millers!

Many thanks to the High School Administration, Millburn Education Foundation and the High School PTO for their support, along with the assistance of community members and faculty who facilitated these various sessions. More than 50 students took on leadership positions to act as liaisons to the speakers and as guides through the reflection.  It was an inspiring day for all involved.

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