Ground Broken for New Summit Fire Department Headquarters

(above, l-r) City Administrator Michael Rogers, Reverend Dr. Denison Harrield, Councilmember Greg Vartan, Councilmember Susan Hairston, Mayor Nora Radest, Deputy Fire Chief Paul Imbimbo, Fire Chief Eric Evers, Fire Lieutenant Brian Harnois, Rob Russo (contractor), Christopher Kehde (architect), former Fire Chief Christopher Cotter, and former Fire Chief Joseph Houck.

Ground Broken for New Fire Headquarters 

City of Summit

On Thursday, October 28 at 10 a.m., Summit Fire Department officially broke ground on its new fire headquarters at 301 Broad St. in Summit. The 32,000 sq. ft. building is expected to take  approximately 18 months to complete and will include eight equipment bays, training classrooms and streetscape simulation areas, decontamination zones, Emergency Operations Center, and a history room. 

“The breaking of ground for a new fire headquarters is a significant moment in the history of the Summit Fire  Department,” said Summit Mayor Nora Radest. “They are not just physically moving to a new location a few blocks  away on Broad Street. The Summit Fire Department is moving forward. The new building will enable them to  expand resources and educational opportunities, ensuring the department is stronger and better prepared as we  move into the future.” 

Research for the project began in 2012 and a final concept for a new fire headquarters was approved by Summit  Common Council in 2019. It was designed by architects LeMay, Erickson, and Wilcox. Construction will be  completed by Brahma Construction. 

“We went through an extremely in-depth value-engineering process during concept development to ensure taxpayers’ dollars were spent wisely and designs stayed within budget,” explained Fire Chief Eric Evers. “Our new fire  headquarters will be constructed with many features that are essential in a modern-day fire station. Today, fires  burn hotter, faster and are more dangerous than ever. Having the ability to train on site with training props incorporated into the building design, will give our firefighters the flexibility to pursue training activities that are  geared towards successfully handling and surviving those challenges.” 

Evers continued: “As we move forward with the construction phase of this project, we look forward to working with key stakeholders from around the city. To complete the project, we will need the support of the entire  Summit community, residents, and businesses alike.” 

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Photos by City of Summit

(above) Chief Evers at the Summit Fire Department groundbreaking
(above) New Summit Fire Department Rendering
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