New Providence High School STEM Club receives high honors at the state level

(above) TSA National Honor Society Inductees

STEM Club receives high honors at the state level

New Providence School District

New Providence High School was thrilled to send 48 students from the STEM Club to compete in the 2024 NJTSA (Technology Student Association) State Conference held on April 27, 2024, at The College of New Jersey. Students competed in 29 different competitive events under the direction of their faculty advisors; Rachel Fintz, Daniel Barletta, Jennifer Pasuit, Susan Rembetsy, and Kathleen French.

NPHS STEM Club brought home a record number of 11 trophies, the second most-winning high school and first ranked public high school in New Jersey! NPHS finished with five first-place winners, two second-place winners, and four third-place winners! These 14 students are eligible to compete at the 2024 TSA National Conference in Orlando, FL from June 26-30, 2024.

Mrs. Jennifer Pasuit, Department Head for STEM, adds “Given this is our third consecutive year with TSA National competitors, our students have proven that a focused, quality STEM education can yield exceptional results regardless of the institution’s size. Our high school’s success in this prestigious event underscores the strength of our dynamic STEM programming and club offerings K-12. Congratulations to our students and faculty visionaries who brought this program to fruition.” 

Carina Pang, Ram Panchacharam, and Maria Armenciu took home two first-place trophies in Animatronics and System Control Technology. They created a phenomenal representation of the Perseverance Rover and Ingenuity Helicopter on Mars which truly belongs on display in a science museum! The team also created a winning system to sort chicken nuggets versus tenders into dedicated containers.

(above) AJ Boyle and Valmik Nahata

In Data Science Analytics, AJ Boyle moved up to first place after second last year by assessing social media market manipulation. Nikhil Srivastava took home third place for the second year in a row! AJ Boyle and Valmik Nahata placed first in Software Development with their animated app to teach students to code, an event in which they had placed sixth in the Nation as sophomores.

Sebastian Mercado and Trevor Fornuff self-taught themselves new programming languages to create a Virtual Reality Visualization focused on increasing the health of children, and placed first in the event! They are excited to bring this project to the National level! 

Conner Wood and Adam Moy’s book “Circus Tweed” placed second in the state in the Children’s Book event, after working collaboratively with their advisor Ms. French and additional group members Anna Fanning, Veronica Saburova, Benne Le, and Michael Bradford. Eden Kim accepted on their behalf.

Elijah Xie placed second in Dragster Design with his CO2dragster car built under the supervision of Mr. Barletta.

Trevor Fornuff, Anna Fanning, and Veronica Saburova took home third place for Digital Video Production ( with their hilarious fantasy film. Joe Egan brought home third place in Flight Endurance with his hand-crafted plane. Matteo Agastra and Joe Egan brought home third place for their Optical Engineering project of a restaurant lamp.

In addition, seven students were inducted into the TSA National Honors Society: Rohan Kulkarni, Ram Panchacharam, Carina Pang, Cleo Rossmann, Sean Kruger, Brandon Le, and Brandon Maneely.

The Technology Student Association (TSA) is a national organization of more than 300,000 middle and high school students engaged in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). TSA enhances personal development, leadership, and career opportunities in STEM, where student members apply and integrate these concepts through intracurricular activities, competitions, and related programs.

The NPHS STEM Club is composed of many different types of competitions that give students opportunities for recognition in STEM related challenges. It includes Bridgebuilding, Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars, TSA (Technology Student Association) state competitions, TEAMS (Tests of Engineering Aptitude in Math and Science), and STEM League competitions against other schools, which have the chance for achievements on regional, state, and national levels.

For more information on STEM related opportunities and academic offerings at New Providence High School, please view the NPHS Program of Studies and STEM Department website.

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