New Providence Author Launches Second Novel

Author J.R. Bale, a resident of New Providence, has just published his second novel, a science fiction called Cognition Chronicles: The Redstone Legacy. As with his previous novel, Bale tries to pose unusual questions to the reader, such as: Can a soul be duplicated? Can one man’s madness save civilization? Can an artificial intelligence have a heart? These are not the questions one usually asks, but in Bale’s newest novel, the answers may determine the final outcome for the human race.
“I try to examine new perspectives in each of my books,” says Bale. “In this one, I tried to explore what might be the actual final frontier, that of the human mind.” In his pursuit of diverse perspectives, Bale has traveled to over a dozen countries across four continents. He even applied to NASA’s space program in the 1980s. When not writing books, he works as a marketing consultant and college professor.
How successful has his book been? “So far,” Bale reports, “reader response has been quite encouraging.”
Local book enthusiasts might be familiar with J.R. Bale’s name, as he was also responsible for organizing and managing the New Providence Book Festival on the Salt Box Museum grounds in September of 2017. He promises to organize a second festival in 2018.
Bale’s first novel Phoenix in the Middle of the Road, a political fiction, was published in 2015. Both books were published by CopperKnight Publishing and are available on Amazon in ebook and paperback. To learn more, people can visit his website at

(above) J.R. Bale.