Name Your Café

Pomptonian Food Service and School No. 1 in Linden, recently held an exciting promotional event, “Name Your Café.”
Name Your Café is a popular program which encourages students to get collectively involved in their school and teaches them about nutrition. Students were asked to nominate names for their cafeteria. The Principal Donna Preston and Vice Principal Wayne Happel and the student committee narrowed selections down to the top three and then the student body had the opportunity to vote on their favorite name. A grand opening ceremony, complete with ribbon cutting and visiting dignitaries, unveiling the new cafeteria name on a colorful banner was held on May 19, 2017. The cafeteria dining room also displayed a colorful décor package including inspirational messages encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.
The promotion encourages students to think about the importance of nutrition and encourages positive dining choices in their school, when they are in restaurants and shopping in the food markets.

Photo by Linden Public Schools.