Mountainside Borough Unveils Time Capsule from 1995

Mountainside Unveils Time Capsule from 1995

The Mountainside community joined Mayor Mirabelli and the Town Council for the opening of a time capsule which was buried in 1995. The town held the ceremony on October 22nd, 2020 in the parking lot of Constitution Plaza.

Residents and community leaders from Mountainside helped with the unveiling of the contents which included memories from 25 years ago, old pictures, newsletters, a 100-year celebration t-shirt, and information from the Borough.

Speakers that day included leaders and members from: Mountainside Rotary Club, Mountainside Restoration Committee, Girl and Boy Scout troops, Foothill Club, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Mountainside Public Library, Mountainside Softball and Baseball League, Board of Education, Mountainside Music Association, Newcomers Club, and the Community Presbyterian Church.

The opening of the capsule served as a final celebration for Mountainside’s 125th anniversary. Attendance was limited due to social distancing requirements. The event was also live streamed on Channel 35 and 39, Facebook, and Youtube.

This special event was coordinated by the 125th Anniversary Chairs, Councilwoman Deanna Andre and Councilwoman Rachel Pater.

(above) Greetings and Opening remarks from Mayor Paul Mirabelli and Councilwoman Rachel Pater

(above) Girl Scouts, Mrs. Claudia Shehady displayed pictures, letters, meeting notes, and a signed sash

(above)Boy Scouts, Mountainside Boy Scout Leader Jeff Healy with Frank Geiger

(above) Adele Magnolia

(above) Councilwoman Rachel Pater

(above) Senior Coordinator, Kim Moriak

(above) Foothill Club, Mrs. Ruthie Goense

(above) Mr. Gary Whyte

(above) Rev. Richard Carrington, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish

(above) Ms. Kathryn Brown, Library Director

(above) Councilwoman Donna Pacifico

(above) Mountainside Youth Softball and Baseball League, Mr. Andrew Adornato, President and guests

(above, l-r) Mountainside Board of Education, Janet Walling, and Dr. Dana Guidicipietro

(above, l-r) Dr. Dana Guidicipietro, and Frank Geiger

(above) Mountainside Restoration Committee, Mr. Scott Daniels, Chairman

(above) Mountainside Rotary, Mr. Glenn Mortimer

(above) Mountainside Newcomers Club, Mrs. Christine Socha Czapek

(above) Rev. Cooper, Community Presbyterian Church

(above) Mayor Paul Mirabelli

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