Mountainside Restoration Committee Sells Mothers Day Shirts to Benefit Pandemic Relief

(above) Diane Kontra holds a newly delivered “Marvelous Mountainside Mom” t-shirt. The Mountainside Restoration Committee sold the t-shirts to benefit #mountainsidecares helping in local pandemic relief.

Mountainside Restoration Committee Sells Mom T-Shirts

Submitted by Carol Goggi

The Mountainside Restoration Committee recently sold “Marvelous Mountainside Mom” t-shirts for Mother’s Day with profits going toward the #mountainsidecares group.

Mountainside Cares was formed by a group of Mountainside ladies to raise funds applied immediately to a variety of causes related to needs resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. Forty t-shirts were sold in a 1-week period which were delivered to doorsteps throughout Mountainside. Funds raised in this t-shirt sale were distributed by #mountainsidecares to the Mountainside Volunteer Rescue Squad for the purchase of much-needed PPE.

The shirts were offered via local facebook pages. There is a limited supply of the shirts still available for $10 each, and they can be ordered online at for doorstep delivery in Mountainside.

The Mountainside Restoration Committee is a 501(c)3 charity and a committee of volunteers whose purpose is to restore and maintain the Deacon Andrew Hetfield House and the Levi Cory House and collect and save historic information and items from destruction. For further information or to donate funds for historic restoration, please call 908-789-9420; or, go to

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