Mountainside Police Officer Perrotta Retires After 25 Years of Service

(above) Tristan Corigliano, Alex Harris, Kevin Pierre, Ryan Carr, Michael Perrotta, Bill Stolting, Mike Jackson, Eric Pastore, Jimmy Debbie, and Chief Joe Giannuzzi.

Mountainside Police Officer Michael Perrotta Retires

Lovingly submitted by Jeanie Perrotta Ruban (Officer Perrotta’s sister)

Soring temperatures and an uncertain, stormy sky did not deter an abundance of family and friends from being present for Mountainside Police Officer Michael Perrotta’s retirement walkout at Police Headquarters on Wednesday, July 22, 2020.

Borough employees, members from the Mountainside Rescue Squad, Fire Department and Police were all represented. Three members of the Westfield Police Department, including the Chief, came to pay tribute as well. The Mountainside Fire Department was well represented including Perrotta’s brother Tommy, a 34-year member of the volunteer department.

A fire truck displayed the American flag. Governor Livingston High School Junior, Brandon Lim, played the bagpipes splendidly throughout the event.

From inside headquarters, over his radio for the crowd to hear, officer Perrotta requested permission to go 10-7.

Dispatcher Skip Kutsop responded, “Police officer Michael Perrotta, on behalf of the Mountainside Police Department and the community you served, we thank you for your 25 years of faithful service; including contributions to the DARE program and the young people of the community. It has been our pleasure to work alongside of you and we wish you many happy years in this next phase of your life. Congratulations on your retirement. You are now officially clear to go 10-7.” At that point Michael was escorted out of headquarters by Chief Joe Giannuzzi and greeted outside by rousing applause and a lineup of fellow police officers.

Officer Perrotta then addressed the crowd; “It feels amazing, thank you everybody, thank you! It has been a pleasure to serve the Borough. It’s been a pleasure to be a Mountainside police officer and an honor, and I want to thank everyone for coming out today, thank you very much, let’s go eat!”

And eat they did, a large group gathered under tents outdoors at Echo Tap enjoying delicious food and wonderful service despite the lightning, thunder, wind, and lots of rain.

Congratulations Officer Michael Perrotta, Mountainside was lucky to have you!

(above) Westfield Police Captain Frank Padovano, Westfield Police Chief Christopher Battiloro, Westfield Police Captain John Ricerca, Mountainside Officer Michael Perrotta, Michael Perrotta, and Mountainside Corporal William Stolting.

(above) Corrine Moore, Alina Balmann, Catthy Jakositz, Diane Roman, Michelle Monaghan, Frank Padovano, Westfield Chief Battiloro, John Ricerca and Jean Perrotta look on as Officer Perrotta addresses the crowd.

(above) Police Lineup Below (fist bump) Mike Jackson, Bill Stolting, Jimmy Debbie, Eric Pastore, Ryan Carr, Michael Perrotta, Kevin Pierre, and Alex Harris.

(above) Officer Michael Perrotta, Jean Perrotta, Sabrina Ruban, Jim Ruban, Jeanie Ruban, Jimmy Ruban, Jessica Perrotta, Tom Perrotta, Christina Perrotta, Gina Perrotta, Matt Nixon, and Mikey Perrotta.

(above) DPW Director Matt Deanna, Officer Perrotta and Tom Murphy.

(above) Chief Joe Gianuzzi with Michael Perrotta walking out.

(above) Mountainside EMTs and Fire Department members Bianc Wass, Domenico Deluca, Frank Quigley, Savario Zipeto, Brian Garcia, and Tom Perrotta.

(above) Officer Michael Perrotta and Bagpiper Brandon Lim.

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