Maggie Portillo named Hanover Park’s 2023-2024 teacher of the year

(above) Maggie Portillo
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Maggie Portillo named Teacher of the Year 2023-2024

Hanover Park High School

Maggie Portillo has been named Hanover Park’s 2023-2024 teacher of the year. Hanover Park High School conducts a program to recognize and honor outstanding teachers in the school. The goal of this program is to honor teachers who have clearly demonstrated effective instructional techniques, a positive interaction with students, and the development of feelings of self worth, and a love of learning in students.

This year’s honoree is dedicated and committed to the students of Hanover Park and to the teaching profession.

She has been described as caring, passionate, knowledgeable, and an inspiration to both students and staff. Our honoree goes above and beyond for the students and for this school. It has been noted by her colleagues that our honoree is an extremely hardworking teacher. She is energetic and devoted to her students and to her craft.

Our honoree is a member of the World Language department who has proudly taught all levels of Spanish. Additionally, she has coordinated summer trips abroad with students in effort to help them broaden their horizons and continue to examine and study world cultures. She is also the Key Club advisor where she oversees and coordinates the annual blood drives and senior citizens reception during the spring musical. Our honoree is also an assistant Yearbook advisor and works with our students to produce a memorable yearbook for the senior class each year. To her colleagues, she is a tech guru who is always available to assist them with new methodology when needed.

One staff member stated that she is an unsung hero on campus. Not only is she organized and creative in the classroom, but she is involved in countless activities and committees. She remains energetic and always looking for the next “big” thing for her students.She helps countless colleagues, both in the department and out of it…and she never turns down an opportunity to help.

Another colleague added that our honoree exemplifies all the qualities we look for in an exceptional educator. She consistently demonstrates creativity in her teaching methods and finds innovative ways to engage students and make learning enjoyable and accessible. She is incredibly helpful and dedicated to ensuring that all students succeed; going out of her way to provide extra support to struggling students, constantly modifying activities and assessments to match her students capabilities and offering additional, personalized assistance.

It has been additionally stated that she is a leader in bringing technology to the forefront of the school. She is constantly searching for new ways to teach her content and is always willing to share what she has found with her department and others. She passionately cares about her students and school community and strives to make it a better place for all.

Our honoree goes above and beyond for the students and for this school. She is a caring, kind, and hard working professional who is always willing to assist students and staff when needed.

Our honoree is a truly outstanding teacher and we are lucky to have her as part of our HP family.

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