Linden Public Schools Honor Staff Members of the Year

Linden Public Schools 2019 Staff Members of the Year

Linden Public Schools recently celebrated their staff by choosing an Educator of the Year and Service Professional of the Year from each school.

Service Professionals of the Year
School No. 1: Marybeth Strano, paraprofessional
School No. 2: Rhonda Jenkins, paraprofessional
School No. 4: Marybeth Kniazuk, speech therapist
School No. 5: Liliana Lozada, paraprofessional
School No. 6: Elizabeth Radil, school nurse
School No. 8: Annemarie Gobel, paraprofessional
School No. 9: Kelly McGovern-Drejaj, speech therapist
School No. 10: Sherre Carbone, paraprofessional
McManus Middle School: Victoria Miller, social worker
Soehl Middle School: Caitlin Sanders, guidance counselor
Linden High School: Ryan Devaney, social worker
Educators of the Year
School No. 1: Shannon Spaziani
School No. 2: Frances Pszenica
School No. 4: Janel Bury
School No. 5: Julie Siegel
School No. 6: Laura Stewart-Cuttita
School No. 8: Staci Wegrzynek
School No. 9: Melody Olsen
School No. 10: Laura Venezio
McManus Middle School: Sobeida Penaranda
Soehl Middle School: Aneta Ferreira
Linden High School: Nicole Campo

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