League of Women Voters Announces New Organizational Structure and website

LWVBHNPS New Organizational Structure and website

Submitted by Marlene Sincaglia

The League of Women Voters of Berkeley Heights, New Providence and Summit (LWVBHNPS) wish to announce the League’s restructuring to a Management Committee League. The Management Committee consists of Pat Dolan, Marlene Sincaglia and Patricia Dixon Black. Pat Dolan is heading up the Management Committee and is also Chairperson of Voter Services for Berkeley Heights, New Providence and Summit. Marlene Sincaglia is Chairperson of Programs, Patricia Dixon Black is the Treasurer and Beth Dorer is the Secretary and Chairs our School Visits program. Other Chairpersons are Susan Lederman Budget and Nominating Committee Chairperson, Susan Ferris Rights Chairperson Book Sales, Sharon Davis Chairperson of Phone Contact Services for Members.

We are very excited to announce our new website lwv-bhnps.org and our new email address LWVBHNPS@yahoo.com. We would very much appreciate you following us for information about our programs and activities at our new website and at Facebook – LWVBerkeley Heights (New Providence, Summit wouldn’t fit as our name), YouTube – LWVBHNPS@yahoo.com and Twitter @LWVBHNPS.

The League invites you to join us in our services to these 3 communities and our various programs. Just check out our website to see what community services are of interest to you and send us an email at LWVBHNPS@yahoo.com. We will contact you right away. You can also become a member by visiting our website and clicking Join US. Students, age 16 and over, are invited to join the League without having to pay dues.

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