Kumpf Students Volunteer to “Be the Change”

(above) Nicole Zdeb, Sophia Robinson, and Kylie Mignone

Carl H. Kumpf Students Make A Difference

Kumpf PTA

Students from Carl H. Kumpf Middle School in Clark volunteered their services to the “Be the Change NJ” organization on November 19, 2023.

The students and their families drove to the Highland Park headquarters where they sorted and bagged Thanksgiving Dinners which included turkey, stuffing, rice, vegetables, potatoes, produce, beans, fruit, and of course pie. They were able to feed over 270 families throughout the area who otherwise would not have been able to have Thanksgiving.

(above) Tyler Nunes 

Students that attended the event were: Kalani & Naiana Caballero Herrera, Adriana & Justina Erszkowicz, Mason Immella, Kylie Mignon, Ronnie Miller, Tyler Nunes, Evangelia Papadakis, Sophia Robinson, Gavin Schmidtberg, and Nicole Zdeb

Before lining up to begin the bagging, everyone gathered in a circle with hands in the middle and said a prayer for everyone to find peace and happiness in the world.

What a fantastic experience and memorable event for the students. It feels wonderful to be able to give a helping hand to the community as well as making an impact on those families in need this year.

Courtesy photo

(above) Mason Immella and Dr. Norma Bowe, Founder of Be the Change
(above) Evangelia Papadakis
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