Kevin Deacon Named New Hillside Avenue School Principal

Hillside Avenue School Announces Kevin Deacon as New Principal

The Cranford Board of Education is pleased to announce Kevin Deacon as the new principal of Hillside Avenue School. Mr. Deacon, who currently serves as the principal of Livingston Avenue School, will be replacing Dr. Curt Fogas, who is retiring after serving as principal for the past 20 years.

Kevin Deacon began his teaching career as a special education teacher in Queens, New York, at Walter H. Crowley Intermediate School. He taught in an inclusive 7th and 8th grade math class and also served as a replacement 8th grade math teacher. In 2010, Mr. Deacon became assistant principal of the school. Among his many accomplishments, he created an after-school intramurals sports program as a behavior and academic incentive program. During this time he also oversaw the writing of a new math curriculum for the school.

In 2013, Mr. Deacon joined the Cranford community as the assistant principal of Orange Avenue School and then in 2016 he became the principal of Livingston Avenue School. As an administrator in Cranford, Mr. Deacon has created positive relationships in the school and community. He works with stakeholders to support student needs both academically and social-emotionally. Mr. Deacon supervises the district’s Achieve program, which provides additional Math and Language Arts supports, and has worked to create a consistent and data-driven approach. Mr. Deacon is also part of the district’s New Jersey Tiered Systems of Supports (NJTSS) committee and is working with this group to develop and employ additional academic supports for students.

Kevin Deacon holds a B.A. in History from Siena College, Loudonville, N.Y. He received a Master of Science in Special Education from Queens College, Queens, N.Y., and received his second Master’s degree in School Leadership from Touro College, Manhattan, N.Y.

Mr. Deacon is looking forward to serving the students, staff, parents/guardians, and community of Hillside Avenue School and is extremely excited to be the new principal.

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