Kenilworth’s Mayor Fred Pugliese Sworn In

Fred Pugliese was sworn in on November 23, 2014 as Kenilworth’s newest Mayor. Pugliese a Republican, will serve the unexpired term of former Mayor Kathi Fiamingo, who resigned in March after being appointed a Judge in the New Jersey State Tax Court. Pugliese’s term will expire on December 31, 2016.

Mayor Pugliese is a lifelong resident of the Borough. He was first elected to council in 2007. He has served as the Police Commissioner and chaired the Public Safety Committee since 2008.

Mayor Fred Pugliese’s statement at his swearing in:

Let me start off by saying thank you to all of the residents of Kenilworth who exercised their Constitutional right to vote on November 4th. Let me also thank those who voted for me and bestowed upon me the assignment of Mayor of Kenilworth. It’s truly an honor. I am humbled by the support that I received on during the campaign and on Election Day.

I would like to thank my friends, family, my wife Lisa, my son Tommy and fellow board members. Thank you for the trust, faith and in believing in me.

For those who did not vote for me, I understand the reason why as there were two qualified and honorable candidates. But now the election is over and let’s work together for a better Kenilworth.

The designations as Republican and Democrat exist on Election Day, but once the votes are tallied and the victors declared and we take our seats on the governing body up here we are no longer members of the Republican or Democratic Party but citizens who are working to together to keep Kenilworth a great place to live.

I want to acknowledge my predecessors who I had the pleasure of working with while on Council. Mayor Greg David, Mayor Kathi Fiamingo and Mayor Scott Klinder. I hope to lead Kenilworth and act with all of the fine attributes that I have witnessed from my predecessors.

Keeping Kenilworth a great place to live will be a team effort. A team consisting of elected officials, local organizations and most important you the residents and taxpayers of Kenilworth. But it can always be better. So together let’s make Kenilworth a better place to live and raise our children and grandchildren.

As any other team we all have the same goal. We may play different positions. But whether we are parents or one of Kenilworth’s active seniors we are all Kenilworth’s citizens and taxpayers.

So together we all can make our lovely little town, the place we call home – a better place.

Better than yesterday;
better than today; and

better for the future.

Thank you.Kenilworth Mayor 2014 - 2