Kenilworth Mayor’s Message

February 2018

Welcome to February Kenilworth! So far, we have had a cold January. On a good note we are not far off from spring so hopefully the worst is behind us. Please remember to bundle up when going outside in inclement weather and check in on your elderly or sick neighbors.
As we move into 2018, I am sure many of you will have received and read the Department of Public Works 2018 Information Guide that our recycling pick-up has moved to a more manageable every other week schedule. February’s dates are the 5th and the 19th both North and South sides. In the event of bad weather or larger than normal recycling, it may take another day to get it all. Thank you all for being patient and understanding. Please take note that no other pick-ups have changed, only recycling, your regular garbage pickup schedule will remain the same. If any residents have not received their 2018 Information Guide or may have misplaced it, one can be obtained at Borough Hall in the Clerk’s office or on the Borough website.
For events and goings on throughout the Borough, please check in with our web site , as always, the month will be busy.
Reminder, February 14 is Valentine’s Day, and there is a wealth of shops and businesses from which to make that special someone’s day. Especially Yours Florist, which is on 20th Street. And I don’t have to tell you about the numerous places to take that special someone out to a great dinner or lunch!
Thank you to the Kenilworthians who have brought forth your comments, thoughts, and ideas on multiple issues throughout the Borough. The success of any town starts with the people who work and live in it. With communication, cooperation and participation the stronger our community will be. Many wonderful people are volunteering their valuable time and giving. To everyone out there that is doing something to improve our community, please accept my heartfelt appreciation; every little bit helps. The idea is to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. The year may have started out with a few bumps and bruises, but it is nothing we Kenilworthians can’t overcome.
God Bless you all and God Bless America!
Mayor Anthony P. DeLuca Jr.