“In Their Shoes” Suicide Prevention Program at Summit High

(above) SHS Counselor Amy Herber and Mary Kate Davidson

Suicide Prevention / Awareness month

Submitted by Mia Bivaletz

On September 26, 2019, Summit High School students experienced a very special event called In Their Shoes™, in support of Suicide Prevention / Awareness month.

The program was brought to the high school by Attitudes in Reverse, a nonprofit whose mission is to build understanding and empathy, to encourage early intervention, and to ultimately save lives. In Their Shoes is a powerful and moving exhibit consisting of shoes to represent the 277 New Jersey youth who between 2014 – 2016, ended their lives by suicide. The display helps to increase kindness towards those who might be struggling in silence and encourages them to seek help.

During the event, members from Attitudes in Reverse, as well as Counselors and the Child Study Team were available to answer questions, give out resources and offer support. In addition, therapy dogs were there to support students and lift up their spirits.

In Their Shoes was funded by Students Helping Students (the SHS Mental Health Awareness Club) and individual donations from the staff at SHS. Special thanks to Amy Herber, the SHS Counseling Dept, and all staff and students who visited the event.

(above) Allison Marcha with a therapy dog

Photos by Summit Public Schools

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