Hartshorn School to Compete in International Karate Championship

(above) Millburn students and guests watched and participated in training and exercises, during the 3-hour clinic. The club thanks all of the instructors and the friends from Australia who got up and started training with them at 3:00 a.m.!  
Photo by Millburn Township Public Schools

Hartshorn School Goes Global

Millburn Township Public Schools

Students in Hartshorn’s karate club are preparing to compete in the Soke Cup International Chito Ryu Karate Championship in Kumamoto, Japan in August of 2023. 

To help prepare for the upcoming tournament, guest instructors Koukichi Uchiyama (Renshi, 6th dan) and John Gambino (Shihan, 5th dan) flew in high ranking instructors Martin and Sandra Phillips (Shihan, 5th dans) from the Sunshine Coast, Australia participated via Google Meet, as well as other students from Kentucky. 

Hartshorn paraprofessional, Necole Gambino (2nd dan), also participated and is a practicing Chito Ryu member, instructor and competitor. Principal Ken Frattini has been practicing martial arts for 40 years and has been running the Hartshorn Karate Club for 10 years. Hartshorn karate students continue to participate even after they leave Hartshorn! Hartshorn’s Karate Club currently includes students from Hartshorn School, Washington School, Millburn Middle and Millburn High School!

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