Guest Speaker Visits Carl H. Kumpf Middle School

Carl H. Kumpf Middle School had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Frank Rudnesky, former principal of Belhaven Middle School and author of 50 Great Things Leaders Do: Let’s Get Fired Up, on Tuesday, September 20th. Dr. Rudnesky has been recognized for the positive culture and climate he created at Belhaven Middle School.
During his visit, Dr. Rudnesky engaged students in a discussion about the qualities of an effective leader. Students responded that a leader must possess strong character and a positive attitude. He challenged all students to be leaders and upstanders as opposed to followers and bystanders.
Dr. Rudnesky also encouraged students to be “epic, not ordinary.” He asked students, “What will be your legacy?” As part of their selfreflection, he invited students to consider those who had impacted their lives. Other common themes included that one person can make a difference and be nice to others inspiring students to reach out to their peers if they need a friend.
One of his hand-on activities required students to trace a hand on a brown paper bag and put it on their wall, so they could pat themselves on the back if no one else was around to do it.
Assistant Principal of Carl H. Kumpf Middle School Amanda Davidson stated, “Dr. Rudnesky gave an empowering speech on leadership and the power that each individual has to help others and themselves.
Earlier in the year, the eighth graders gave LEM (Leadership Educational Mentoring) speeches to the incoming sixth graders sharing tips for middle school success. Dr. Rudnesky’s visit reinforced the leadership skills fostered through that experience.