The First Presbyterian Church of Cranford, 11 Springfield Ave., will hold their eight week seminar – “Journey to Wholeness- Healing the Grieving Heart” on Sundays evenings beginning on September 11, 2016.
Patti Williams, R.N., and certified pastoral bereavement counselor, and Virginia Waters, PhD. Psychologist, will lead the sessions from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Thompson Youth Center of the church. Patti and Virginia have offered this seminar for 17 years now, and have helped thousands of people experience healing, find a new purpose for their lives, and feel joy once again. This is an experience like no other.The sessions include learning about the stages of grief and understanding the tasks of the grieving process, coping strategies, how to take care of yourself and why this is so important, the changes, challenges and choices that occur, creating cherishable memories, coping with holidays and anniversaries, and dealing with feelings of loneliness and being disconnected spiritually. A special candle light ceremony is held to remember those we have lost, which includes walking the labyrinth and a time of fellowship.
Both of the leaders and all of the facilitators have experienced loss within their lives and share from “the inside out”. It does not matter if your loss is divorce, death or job loss; loss is loss- it must be grieved. It does not matter how long ago you experienced loss. Bring family members and friends. All faiths are welcome. To register for this life changing event, please call 908-709- 1341. No fee is charged.
The seminar is dedicated to Patti’s late husband, the Rev. Dr. Bruce D. Williams who had a vision for the seminar 17 years ago, wanting to help others deal with their pain and suffering during their time of loss.
A recent graduate of the seminar shrared “A little over one year ago my son Rick passed away after a long illness. Needless to say I was devastated as was the rest of my family. During a Sunday morning service, I saw an announcement in the Church Bulletin about a Grief Seminar at the Church led my Pattie Williams and Virginia Waters. I thought about attending but I did have some reservations. I would be in a room with a group of Strangers.
What would I be required to do? How much would I be required to share?
In spite of my trepidation, I called Pattie and told her I would like to attend the Seminar. It turned out to be a very good decision. Patti and Virginia address all kinds of losses and they give you the tools to cope with your particular loss on a daily basis.
I applaud both Pattie and Virginia for their unwavering commitment to helping others. They captivated everyone at the Seminar with their inspirational message. The whole experience was definitely a godsend for me.” – Karen Swackhamer.