Garwood Mayor’s Saturday Meetings Schedule

Crunch Gym played host to Mayor Charles Lombardo’s January monthly meeting at their facility located at 300 South Avenue (Garwood Mall), Garwood.
Mayor Lombardo was joined by: general manager of Crunch Gym, Brandon Densmore; the Council’s business liaison, Carol Kearney; and Garwood Council president, Jennifer Blumenstock.
With the assistance of Kearney, Mayor Lombardo will be having his “Mayor Saturday” meetings at local businesses in Garwood on the third Saturday of each month at 11 a.m., except for April, when the meeting will be held on the fourth Saturday. Mayor Lombardo will be assisted by a councilperson at each meeting.
Residents of Garwood are welcome to come and support this new initiative of checking out great local businesses, while bringing their questions and concerns to town officials.
The schedule for the next five months is as follows:
February 17, 2018
Mayor Charles Lombardo & Councilman Lazarow
Gold Medal Fitness, 475 North Avenue, Garwood
March 17, 2018
Mayor Charles Lombardo & Councilwoman Todisco
Home Depot, 200 South Avenue, Garwood
April 28, 2018 (4th Saturday)
Mayor Charles Lombardo & Councilman Mc Cormack
Escapology, 300 South Avenue (Garwood Mall), Garwood
May 19, 2018
Mayor Charles Lombardo & Councilwoman Cuccaro
Pet Supplies Plus, 110 South Avenue, Garwood
June 16
Mayor Charles Lombardo & Councilman Sarno
Juice House, 510 North Avenue, Garwood
Continuing the practice that was started in 2017, Mayor Lombardo will resume his 3K walk in conjunction with the Mayor’s Wellness Campaign. The 3K walks will start up in March, beginning at Borough Hall at approximately 12:15 p.m. after each Mayor’s Saturday meeting. Mayor Lombardo wants to stress that it is a walk, not a competition, just to get residents out and moving as spring returns to the borough. The walk is open to all ages, regardless of ability, however a parent or adult guardian must accompany children under the age of 12.

(above, l-r) Garwood resident Alexis Conte chats with mayor Lombardo and Council President Jennifer Blumenstock before working out at Crunch.

(above, l-r) Garwood Mayor Lombardo; Business and Industry Liaison and Liaison to the Chamber of Commerce Carol Kearney; Garwood Council President Jennifer Blumenstock; and General Manager of Crunch Gym, Brandon Densmore.