Franklin Elementary School Teachers Send Positive Messages to Community

FES Staff Sends Positive Messages

Submitted by Linda Lospinoso Lampert

Due to Covid-19, the Rahway Public School buildings have been closed since March 13. These unprecedented times have affected everyone, some more than others. Knowing that students and families might be sad and need a little positivity right now, Mrs. Stephanie Nasser, a third-grade teacher at Franklin Elementary School (FES) wanted to put a smile on everyone’s face. She took the initiative to get the ball rolling and collaborated with the school’s Technology Facilitator, Dr. Linda Lampert. Staff members made posters and submitted their pictures, which were used to put together a short video. The final product was shared on ClassDojo, which is a closed network that the parents can see, as well as on Twitter and YouTube ( The video was well received and put a smile on many faces in the Rahway community.

Photos by Rahway Public Schools

(above) Teachers from Franklin Elementary School sumitted pictures of themselves with positive messages to make a video for students, their families, and the community during the pandemic.

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