3rd Annual First Day Walk for Open Space

(above) Toby shows off his First Day Walk pin.

First Day Walk for Open Space 

Submitted by Joseph Basralian

Over 200 residents of Chatham, Madison and nearby towns started the year in high spirits with the 3rd Annual First Day Walk for Open Space on New Year’s Day. The Walk is a service project held by Chatham’s BSA Troop 280, a Scout troop with 33 active girls age 11-17.  Proceeds from the walk are used for the Scouts’ local outdoor service projects, including tree planting, trail improvements, and stream quality testing.  A full list of projects is on the Facebook page, First Day Walk – New Year’s Day.  To learn more about BSA Troop 280, please visit bsatroop280chathamnj.com, “Troop 280 Chatham” on Facebook, or email troop280chatham@gmail.com.

(above, l-r) Scoutmaster Daniele Basralian and Scouts Sabrina Wang, Maria DiPasquale and Azniv Basralian. The display featured projects which were funded by this annual event.
(above) BSA Troop 280 planted, and protected with fencing, 11 native trees and 50 acorns — plus 100s of milkweed seeds — to re-establish forest and meadow in Chatham where it was partly destroyed by a rogue logger.
(above) BSA Troop 280 Scouts bought lumber, built and installed 60 more feet of boardwalk over the last muddy sections of Green Village Conservation Trail.
(above) With guidance from the Great Swamp Watershed Association, and equipment purchased with proceeds from First Day Walk, Troop 280’s Water Quality Monitoring of a Black Brook tributary continued last spring.
(above) A BSA Troop 280 Eagle Scout Project was able to build this 36-foot trail boardwalk over a muddy section for St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center’s dogs, dogwalkers and summer camp kids.
(above) Your First Day Walk contributions funded native wildflower seeds for 6,000 square feet of exposed soil next to the Hillside Trail – and mulch to care for tree seedlings too. Thank you Pack 6 Webelos for doing the work! Thank you also DPW, EC and others for your efforts!
(above) Stream Quality Monitoring at a tributary in the Passaic River Headquarters — water that cycles back into our homes. With your funds, BSA Troop 280 Scouts purchased the chemistry equipment for testing that we are reporting into the regional database for scientists and policymakers. The Great Swamp Watershed Association is guiding us.
(above) High quality compost, mulch and three new trellises were installed for The Learning Path School’s student garden at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. Fifteen Troop 280 Scouts cleared weeds and spread the compost and mulch. Gardening grows children’s love of nature and creates healthy eating habits.
(above) Scouts spread mulch in support of young trees along this once-treeless stretch at Giralda Farms Preserve for walkers, patients at the nearby rehab center, and wildlife.