Farm to School Month Takes Root

The costumes made students think that Halloween had come early, but instead of sugary candy they were treated to healthy snacks of apples, grapes and carrot sticks.
Workers from Pomptonian Food Service dressed up as fruits and vegetables for lunch at School No. 8’s “Tiger Cubs Café” Wednesday, October 11, to mark Farm to School Month. The workers handed out fresh produce from the cafeteria’s “Farm Stand” to highlight the importance of good nutrition.
Pomptonian, which is based in Fairfield and handles food services for all of Linden Public Schools, offers healthy food options in the serving line each day at all the schools.
“We believe that giving students a variety of healthy options will encourage them to make nutritious choices,” Pomptonian says on its website. “It is for this reason that we have designed The Farm Stand. The Farm Stand is proven to increase fruit and vegetable consumption by allowing students to choose from their favorite fruits and vegetables.”
Marcia Morgan, Pomptonian’s food services manager for Linden Public Schools, welcomed Cindy Sue Schaller, operations manager for Pomptonian, to School No. 8 for the event. Schaller chipped in to the effort by handing out healthy snacks while dressed as a carrot.

(above l-r) Marcia Morgan, Pomptonian’s food services director for Linden Public Schools; School No. 8 Principal Michelle Rodriguez; food servers Yaridy Hernandez, Sara Vasquez, and Maritza Artunduaga; and Pomptonian Operations Manager Cindy Sue Schaller at School No. 8’s “Tiger Cub Cafe.”

(above) Pomptonian Operations Manager Cindy Sue Schaller dressed as a carrot, handing out fruit to School No. 8 students to celebrate Farm to School Month.