Fanwood Seniors Club holds annual Holiday Luncheon

(above) The Fanwood Seniors Club’s holiday luncheon at The Westwood in Garwood, NJ

Fanwood Senior’s Holiday Party 2021

Borough of Fanwood

The Fanwood Seniors Club’s holiday luncheon held at The Westwood in Garwood, NJ on December 11, 2021 was highlighted by live music by the SPF High School Moonglowers, and a presentation on holiday safety from Fanwood Police Officer, Kathy Case.

“The future of police work is community policing,” said Officer Case. “And seniors are a big part of our community.”

Case’s remarks centered on seniors being vigilant for holiday scammers and keeping their cars locked. The Fanwood Police Department is urging all citizens not to leave cars idling unlocked in convenience store parking lots since this is a prime target for car thieves. They also urge everyone to always lock their car, even if parked in their own driveway.

The luncheon was attended by about 60 members of the Seniors Club, along with Fanwood Councilwoman Trisha Walsh, Senior Coordinator Dianne Howarth, Borough Administrator Rayna Harris, Borough Clerk Kathleen Holmes, and Tax Collector Colleen Huehn.

Photos by Dianne Howarth

(above) Officer Kathy Case visits one of the tables
(above, l-r) Senior Club members Pat Slein and Suzanne Yaeger
(above) Officer Kathy Case speaking
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