Do You Wanna to Build a Snowman?

Thanks to a Student Council Fundraiser, the ASPCA will be the recipient of $2,263 raised by Battle Hill Elementary School in Union. Each classroom began with a paper snowman which included two eyes, a mouth and a scarf. Donations were secured when students pooled their funds and exchanged them for ‘snow’ dollars which were used to make purchases in order to accessorize their class snowman. Each accessory was allocated a number of points which aligned with the price, such as the mustache, which was five ‘snow’ dollars and the special edition ‘dabbing’ arms which were fifteen ‘snow’ dollars.
In addition to items being purchased, the students were encouraged to flaunt their best behavior on a daily basis in order to earn accessories being given away by special area teachers. The motivation behind this was for the students to recognize it isn’t just about monetary donations, but about outstanding behavior as well. For example, an art pallet was given out by the art teachers while a stethoscope was given out by the nurse. Each special area accessory was assigned a value of seventeen points.
Students and teachers alike were excited and determined for their snowman to have the most value at the end. At the conclusion of the event, Mrs. Turner’s third grade class was the overall winner. The class chose to donate the $2,263 to the ASPCA. They received pretzels and ice pops courtesy of the Student Council. The grade level winners included Mrs. Juarez/Ms. Rosa/Mrs. Duggan’s Pre-K classes, Mrs. Musarra/Mrs. Erickson’s Kindergarten classes, Ms. Melillo’s first grade class, Mrs. Marano’s second grade class, and Miss Brehm’s fourth grade class. Each grade level winner also received ice pops as a small token to say thank you.

(above) Mrs. Turner’s Third Grade Class with Student Council Advisors Alison Brehm and Jessica Mongiovi Mrs. Turner’s snowman Goal Thermometer Chart