Cox Printers Recognized For Achievement in Recycling

COX Printers, located in Linden, NJ, recently received the 2016 NJDEP Recycling Award at the annual Association of New Jersey Recyclers Symposium and NJDEP Recycling Awards Luncheon. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, in conjunction with the Association of New Jersey Recyclers, annually recognizes excellence in recycling. Their goal is to highlight the success of agencies, businesses, individuals and others who go beyond the norm to advance recycling and to make these examples available to others who may emulate them.
Anyone can put ink on paper, but COX Printers is more than that, they are a company that cares about the future by investing in the environment. Over the past 7 years they have invested in the future by installing a Solar Array, two wind turbines along with a roof top garden. In addition, they added four honey beehives to help support and educate the community on honey bee colony collapse. Plus, they have teamed with the NJ Audubon Society by building Night Hawk nesting area along adding milkweed planting beds to their garden in order help the Monarch butterflies on their long journey.
COX Printers is a company that prides itself on the wellness of their employees, the future of our environment as well as delivering a great product.
They are constantly researching and developing better products, services, and procedures to support the needs of their customers and the environment.