Chatham Venture Crew 28 on Winter Hike

Members of Chatham’s Venture Crew 28 hiked Pyramid Mountain last month. A light snowfall from the previous day added to their enjoyment of the outdoors.
The Pyramid Mountain area is in Kinnelon, New Jersey. It features unusual glacial erratics, dramatic rock outcrops, extensive wetlands, waterfalls, and many scenic overlooks including views of the Manhattan skyline. Then there’s Tripod Rock, a famous 160-ton perched boulder, or glacial erratic, resting on top of three small boulders.
Venturing is a program of the Boy Scouts of
America for males and females ages 14 to 21. It’s about leadership experiences, high adventure trips, community service efforts, and much more.
Crews can choose to be coed or, as in Crew 28’s case, can choose to be all-male or all-female.
Crew 28 is an all-female team that focuses on outdoor activities and service projects. The crew recently celebrated its one-year anniversary.
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(above) Crew 28 under Tripod Rock on Pyramid Mountain.
Photo by Frank Bott