Chatham Historical Society & Girl Scouts Celebrate 19th Amendment

Chatham Historical Society Joins with Girl Scouts to celebrate the 19th Amendment

This year’s 4th of July parade was extra special for the Chatham Girl Scouts as they commemorated Congress passing the 19th Amendment in June 4th, 1919 (ratified August 1920). Some Chatham Girl Scouts collaborated with the Chatham Historical Society and created a float used in the parade to feature Girl Scouts wearing vintage suffragette attire. All of the girls marched down proudly wearing white along with their sashes/vests and a yellow ribbon loosely fastened around their waists to symbolize the sun shining on the democracy of the women’s movement.
It was indeed a glorious way to celebrate America’s birthday! Congratulations to all involved on a job well done!

Photos by Chatham Historical Society

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