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Keith Jeffries

Meet Keith Jeffries, U.S. Navy Coxswain and Cranford 86 Hero In Commemoration of National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day By Stu Rosenthal and Don Sweeney We are a small team of amateur historians, executing on a voluntary goal to profile fallen

Gilbert A. Secor

Meet Master Sergeant Gilbert A. Secor, Green Beret. One of The Cranford 86. By Don Sweeney, research by Stu Rosenthal and military proofreading by Jim D’Arcy. It was just after midnight on a dark moonless August 23rd, 1968, at Forward

William E. Hinkle

Meet Private William E. Hinkle, infantryman, One of Cranford’s 86 By Don Sweeney with research by Stu Rosenthal and military proofreading by Vic Bary. The Cranford 86 project features a hero from our Memorial Park’s monuments each month. Our selection

Joseph P. Minnock

A casual portrait of the teenaged Joe in the persona of the warm-hearted tough guy, that made him endeared by all that knew him Meet PFC Joseph P. Minnock, 1st Vietnam War Casualty from Cranford, NJ By Don Sweeney and

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