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Cranford Residents Raise Funds to Sponsor Banners Honoring Hometown Heroes

Submitted by Don Sweeney Following the Cranford Memorial Day parade last May, the Cranford 86 project dedicated an initial set of banners recalling local fallen heroes. The banners, which depict each of their likeness, were on display throughout Memorial Park,

Corporal Juan Bargos

Meet Corporal Juan Bargos, one of our Cranford 86 Hometown Heroes In Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day By Don Sweeney, Stu Rosenthal Lt. Col. and Steven Glazer (ret.) The upcoming centennial of Armistice Day, which marked the end

Ensign Eugene G. McGarry, U.S. Naval Aviator

Ensign Eugene G. McGarry, U.S. Naval Aviator and Cranford 86 Hero By Stu Rosenthal with Don Sweeney and Lt. Col. Steve Glazer (USA, Ret.) The snowiest Cranford winter in memory melted into tears for young Jacquelin (Gearrick) Ellis in frigid

U.S. Marine Corporal Paul W. Sjursen

Meet U.S. Marine Corporal Paul W. Sjursen, one of Cranford’s 86 Hometown Heroes By Don Sweeney with Lt. Col. Steven Glazer (Ret.), and Stu Rosenthal As we continue to research our elite group of 86 Cranford residents who heroically gave