Boy Scout Project Helps Chimney Swifts

Michael Palay , a Linden resident and a 12th grader attending Roselle Catholic High School, built a Chimney Swift for his Eagle Scout Project. Michael has been involved with scouting for about 12 years and is currently in Boy Scout Troop #330.
A Chimney Swift is a bird native to the area and they like to nest in chimneys or hollow tress, so this chimney provides a place for them to nest. Michael built this Chimney Swift tower for Cox Printers, an environmentally conscious business located in Linden, for their sustainability project. He wanted to help keep these birds in the area.
Michael said “I chose this project because it was different and I had never heard of a Chimney Swift before and I thought it would be a good learning experience to build it not really knowing how it goes together. I started researching the project about how to build it. And started to plan how it had to be put together and this way I had more knowledge of it when assembling it. “
Michael credits his family members, friends, and a few troop members for helping him make this project become a reality.
To learn more about the Chimney Swift bird, please visit:

(above) Local Boy Scout Michael Palay of Linden, NJ built a Chimney Swift Tower for Cox Printers to earn his Eagle Scout award. To learn more about the Chimney Swift bird, please visit: