Beautiful Mountainside Halloween Party Fundraiser

On Saturday, October 28th, “Beautiful Mountainside,” the Borough’s all volunteer beautification committee, sponsored their first annual adult Halloween party fundraiser at the Mountainside Elk’s Club. The event sold out and all proceeds will be used to continue to make Mountainside more beautiful, including the refurbishing of the Borough’s Christmas Tree, which will be lit at dusk on Saturday December 2nd.
Beautiful Mountainside would like to thank all those area residents for supporting our town and coming to the party. The committee would also like to thank the local businesses who provided the food for the event, including Mazzella’s, Public House, Daimatsu, Salon Devine, Bake Zone and Bovella’s. Beautiful Mountainside is fortunate to have the support of the Mayor and Council, and the dedication of a core group of concerned citizens who volunteer their time, talent and ideas to maintain and improve the beauty of the Borough. Seasonal decorations and flora have enhanced the downtown since the formation of the committee last year.
Beautiful Mountainside welcomes new members to their monthly meetings, held at the Hetfield House at 7 p.m. on the first Monday of each month. The committee also appreciates help with watering seasonal plantings and other hands on projects throughout the year, without any commitment to joining the committee. Call Todd Evans at 908-462-4366 for more information about the committee and to find out how you can help.

(above l-r): Front row: Andi Hoye, Alice Cowell, Tracy Criscitiello, Linda Condrillo, Kathy McGlew, Debbie Boehner and Irena Dabrowski. Back row: Regina Kelley, Todd Evans, Ethel Ward.