CDC Theatre in Cranford, New Jersey’s oldest continuously producing community theatre, is planning a new, summer Festival de Teatro Hispanico/ Hispanic Theatre Festival. To celebrate the beauty of the Spanish language, in comedy and drama, the Festival will present an evening of one act plays entirely in Spanish and span two weekends, July 28/29 and August 4/5.
The plays will explore the richness of the Hispanic experience as reflected in plays that mirror the pride, drama and comedy of the human experience. Ana y las Langostas (Ana and the Locusts), by Argentine playwright Alicia Dolonsky, s a coming of age story of a young, teenage girl in a world of turmoil, where the mysteries of what is outside her walls intermingle with the mysteries within. The playwright will be directing the production in this, its theatrical debut in the United States. Bony y Kim (Bony and Kim) is written by Carlos Canales. A young couple takes to robbing fast food places and finds themselves media darlings. The comedy casts doubt on their “heroes against the machine” status, while making fun of the society that gives them celebrity status.
The festival is seeking actors of all ages and levels of experience, men and women. While Spanish speaking is a must, fluency is not. Auditions will be held at CDC Theatre, 78 Winans Ave., Cranford, NJ on Sunday, June 11 from 7-9 pm and sides will be provided; monologues are not necessary. For more information visit or contact