Arthur L. Johnson Students Featured in Civics Unplugged

Arthur L. Johnson (ALJ) seniors Maryann Makosiej and Brenner Gull were recently featured in a student orientation video for Civics Unplugged, a program designed to bring together students from diverse backgrounds to discuss a variety of civic-related topics. Seventy-two students from New York and New Jersey convene once a month to engage in a dialogue about issues such as immigration, trade, and voting rights. According to Civics Unplugged, its goal is to “deepen and broaden civic capacity in students, schools, and society.” Students are encouraged to think deeply about complex issues impacting our society and engage in powerful conversations providing multiple perspectives.
Makosiej stated, “I love Civics Unplugged. I find that I leave with more questions than answers but perhaps that is the point.” Gull agreed saying that it teaches students, “how to respect and value other people’s opinions.”
Frank Stebbins, ALJ Civics Unplugged Advisor and co-head of the Civics Unplugged Education Committee stated, “Regardless of whether or not students are planning on entering the world of political science, students are obtaining resources that will benefit them in having actual dialogue to engage in real conversation about difficult topics.”
The orientation video providing a glimpse into the program can be found on the ALJ website:

(above) Maryann Makosiej.

(above) Brenner Gull.