Art League of the Chathams scholarship winner

(above) Hannah Wetter

Hannah Wetter Receives Art League of the Chathams Scholarship

Hannah Wetter, a Chatham HS senior, was selected for the Art League of the Chathams scholarship recipient in 2019.

Hannah is enrolled in the Mason Gross School of the Arts for visual art at Rutgers University and was accepted in the Honors College. She will be pursuing a degree in Art & Design.

Her love of art was realized at an early age and encouraged by art teachers in middle school. She later studied with Philla Barkhorn, a Chatham artist and member of the Art League of the Chathams.

Hannah’ uses trains in many of her pieces; says Hannah, in my concentration, I used trains and associated train imagery as a vehicle to examine human expression– community, isolation, love, and tragedy. Trains were appropriate for this purpose, as they are public spaces that still maintain a semblance of intimacy and privacy. I also researched different instances of how and where trains have been used throughout history to further an understanding of human cultures, and some of the effects of industrialization.

Submitted by Ann Frommer

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