Anthony D. Buccelli, Jr. – Chief of Police

On July 28, 2016, a resident in the area of Woodbine Circle reported that both of their vehicles had been entered in the overnight hours. The vehicles were parked in their driveways and the incident was discovered when the owners found several items missing. The vehicles that were entered fit the description of vehicles that have been stolen from the Borough and in surrounding towns. Residents should be advised that these vehicles being targeted are considered to be “luxury vehicles” or known to possess “push to start” technology.
A Borough resident reported that an unknown person tried to mail them a check for an item that they had listed for free on the internet. The resident received the check in the mail and was aware of the scam. The resident did not cash the check. This is a common scam that has taken place recently and our residents should be reminded that individuals act anonymously over the intent and are attempting to take advantage of the banking system, leaving them liable for a bounced check and several thousand dollars less in their bank accounts.
A Borough resident reported that an unknown individual accessed their bank accounts and stole over $35,000. At the time of the report, it is unknown how the suspect accessed the account. The victim does not use the internet to make purchases or pay accounts. The matter is being investigated by the Detective Bureau.