7th Annual Mountainside PTA Science Fair

On Saturday, April 1, 2017 more than 80 students in grades 3-8 presented over 60 projects at the 7th Annual Mountainside PTA Science Fair held at Deerfield School in Mountainside.
Students could choose to present a demonstration or an experiment and have been working on their projects independently over the past two months. They demonstrated everything from cranes to slime, from Newton’s cradle to the strength of glue. Experiments tried to answer such questions as “Do bigger lures catch bigger fish?,” “Bottle flipping: luck, skill or science?,” and “Do different types of music affect heart rate?”
The mission of this annual event is to foster the love of science by encouraging Deerfield students to ask their own scientific questions and to explore the world around them with a fun, independent science project.
The Science Fair Committee recruited professors, chemists, pharmacists, teachers, researchers, parents, and community members as judges.
They volunteered their time to talk with each participant and offer them advice about their projects. We could not have run this event without them. First place and honorable mention ribbons were awarded at the end of the fair.
It was definitely an entertaining and educational experience for all!