VR/AR Goggles at Irene E. Feldkirchner School

(above) Students at IEF using the new Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality goggles.

Irene E. Feldkirchner School Receives Grant for Technology Class

Thanks to a generous grant from Green Brook Education and Athletic association, technology students from Mrs. Jennifer Collett’s technology class can now experience the world through Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality goggles. VR allows students to explore the world virtually while AR brings abstract concepts to life.

Mrs. Collett can now take students on over 700 virtual reality field trips everywhere from the International Space Station to the Galapagos Islands. The expeditions are a collection of linked virtual reality content and supporting materials that can be used alongside of existing curriculum.

VR and AR technology allows Mrs. Collett to guide her students through a collection of 360-degree scenes and 3D objects, pointing out interesting sites and artifacts along the way. The goggles help students visualize information in a new way, and this will positively impact their ability to retain information.

Along with the goggles, she also received a 360-degree camera. Along with the application, she can have her students build their own virtual-reality field trip and empower her students to create their own immersive tour.

Photo by GBTPS

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