Lincoln School’s Student Council Update

(above) Members of the Student Council are pictured on Tye Dye Tuesday holding some of their creations.

Lincoln School’s Student Council

Submitted by Tamara Benc

Student Council members at Lincoln School have been quite busy. Aside from meeting virtually every week, the students helped plan the district’s most recent Spirit Week. In addition, they organized a Kindness Rocks community project. At an outdoor meeting, members painted rocks then wrote thoughtful and kind messages on each one. Once the rocks were coated with a weather-proof sealant, the students took their rocks and deposited them in areas around town where pedestrians and shoppers might notice their positive messages and reflect upon them. Mrs. Benc is the advisor of the group. 

Photos by Garwood Public Schools

(above) Members of the Lincoln School Student Council show the rocks they painted during their Kindness Rocks community project.
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