North Plainfield Community 3rd Annual Celebration of Black History

February 17, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
North Plainfield High School
34 Wilson Avenue
North Plainfield

On Sunday, February 17, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. Councilwoman Keiona R. Miller will host the 3rd annual North Plainfield Community Black History Month Celebration- “Overcoming Adversity, Celebrating Diversity.” at North Plainfield High School, 34 Wilson Avenue, North Plainfield, NJ.

Previous Black History Month events have attracted high turnout from residents of North Plainfield and neighboring communities, high participation from local civic and religious groups, youth organizations and student groups including the North Plainfield High School Chorus, North Plainfield High School Step Team, and the North Plainfield Girl Scouts. This year we anticipate even higher participation as the program gains traction.

There will be door prizes and a brief reception following the program.

Black History is American History. It is deeply inspiring to remember African American women and men who have made remarkable contributions to American society. Many of their accomplishments were born out of significant struggle. From struggle, they created beautiful music, art, and dance forms. They led the charge for significant political change and social reconstruction. They produced some of the greatest innovators and thinkers in our nation’s history.

The North Plainfield Community Celebration seeks to commemorate some of these accomplishments and the power that we hold as Americans when diverse cultural and racial groups join together. It is true, we can achieve any goal! Join us on February 17. We have much to celebrate – Councilwoman Keiona R. Miller, First African American elected to the North Plainfield Borough Council.