​ Project stands up to the Big Bad Wolf

Ms.Kathleen Kloc and her first grade students at St. Theresa’s School in Kenilworth, NJ have been reading stories all about buildings. These stories include The Pigs, The Wolf, and the Mud and The Three Little Pigs.
The students were asked to help the pigs in these stories stay safe from the big, bad wolf by designing houses made out of 12 candy Dots and unlimited toothpicks. They then had to build a structure that would withstand a ‘wolf attack”(a blow-dryer).
Each of the students’ buildings got a visit from the big, bad wolf and each student was successful. The students then drew their designs and were asked to then build the tallest structure that would stand up against the blow dryer.
The students were able to incorporate principles of S.T.E.M., along with 21st century job skills that include creativity and imagination, critical thinking, and problem solving.

(above) ​Mateo Cruz​.

(above) ​Madison Johnson​.

(above) ​​Milania Lopez​.

(above) ​Benjamin Cernadas.