Cranford Historical Society “School Days”

The Cranford Historical Society will present “School Days” on Sunday, September 10, 2017 from 2:00-4:00 pm at the Crane-Phillips House Museum, located at 124 North Union Avenue, Cranford.
All are welcome. Admission is free but donations are greatly appreciated. Join us at the Crane-Phillips House Museum to explore school days of the past.
What tools did children bring with them each day to Cranford’s schools? What did classrooms, textbooks and desks look like in great grandparent’s day? How did children learn before computers and white boards? What was for lunch before Pizza Day? Can you pass the 8th grade final exam? All these and more questions will be answered as you explore Cranford’s school days of the past.
For further info, please call the Historical Society’s office at 908-276-0082 or email us at
The Society has been dedicated to the perpetuation of Cranford’s history by continuing to collect and document the town’s past as we now enter the 21st century. Visit our website at