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Linden Middle School Project Highlights Work of Humanitarians

Submitted by Gary Miller Hanging in a second-floor hallway near the main entrance to Soehl Middle School in Linden is a monument to those who have used their lives for the betterment of humanity – and who stand as an

Gloria Nisky Named 2018 Outstanding Senior Citizen of the Year

Gloria Nisky, resident of Linden since 1962, has been chosen Linden’s 42ndAnnual Outstanding Senior Citizen of the Year. This award is bestowed annually by the Linden Department of Public Property and Community Services Recreation Division upon the Senior Citizen who

Linden Brothers, Lucas and Vincent Osiecki, Participate in Chess Tournament

Lucas Osiecki

Linden brothers Lucas and Vincent Osiecki, from Munsee Troop 330, participated in The Munsee District of Boy Scouts 5th Annual Chess Tournament. The tournament was held at the Cranford Community Center, Cranford, New Jersey, on February 24, 2018. Sponsored by

Linden Officer Michael Richmond Promoted to Rank of Sergeant

Officer Michael Richmond, an 11-year-veteran of the force, was promoted to the rank of Sergeant on March 1, 2018.