Linden 8th Annual ‘Kids to Parks’ Day set for May 19

May 19, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Wilson Park

Mayor Derek Armstead and the Linden City Council has proclaimed May 19, 2018, Kids to Parks Day. Mayor Armstead this year, working with the Department of Public Properties and Community Services, and the Mayor’s Youth Commission, will celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the National Park Service and the 8th Annual Kids to Parks Day.
“I am inviting the Linden families to join me and the volunteers at Wilson Park for a fun filled day of activities. As America prepares to celebrate the anniversary of our national parks, my hope is that our Linden families will use this year’s Kids to Parks Day to encourage their children to enjoy the great outdoors. Our park programs for both young and old alike has been one of the gems of our community for many, many years,” Mayor Armstead said.
Kids to Parks Day promotes awareness of the importance of getting outdoors and visiting a park. This day encourages physical, emotional, mental and social development. It gives families an opportunity to get together to do fun things, at their local community’s parks, enjoying one another’s company while making memories that will last a lifetime.
According to Al MacDonald, Director of the Linden Department of Public Property and Community Services, “This day encourages families to get outdoors and introduces a new generation of Americans’ to our park systems, where attendance has declined over the past decade.  Additionally, it is to increase awareness of the values of recreation and play in developing strong family bonds.”
Nancy Braxton, Linden’s Supervisor of Recreation said, “Many character traits and interpersonal skills are developed within the family unit and are practiced and reinforced through recreational activities. Doing recreational and leisure activities as a family cultivates positive character development by encouraging responsibility, respect, honesty, loyalty, integrity, creativity and flexibility at the same time as having fun.”
Linden Families please come and join us on May 19 from noon to 4 p.m., at Wilson Park, between Orchard and Summit Terraces’, behind the Linden High School Academy, Linden, New Jersey, for a fun-filled day of events, games, and prizes. Please don’t forget your fishing pole, McGillivray’s pond is stocked with fish. Hot Dogs will also be served. Hope to see you there.